Reference Wordsmith is run by Dr. Barbara Ann Kipfer, a lexicographer with nearly four decades’ experience in writing and editing dictionaries, thesauri, and other word books as well as creating and editing lexical content for software and the Internet.

As the “human hand,” she creates, connects, interprets, and tweaks information so it becomes accessible. This experience includes data curation, semantic research, natural language processing, search engine and information retrieval, question-answering, and artificial intelligence research. Dr. Kipfer develops and maps ontologies, hierarchies, taxonomies, and classification schemes.

Kipfer is the author of more than 60 books and holds an MPhil and PhD in Linguistics, a PhD in Archaeology, an MA and PhD in Buddhist Studies, and BS in Physical Education. For more information, see CV and Experience and Skills.

Reference Wordsmith works on a contract basis, with the time and cost based on the particular project.