Temnos (CA) Chief Lexicographer (2013-present) Lexicographic and ontological analysis and development for NLP technologies offering advanced semantic profiling.

Reference Wordsmith (1991-present) Freelance lexicographic projects for clients such as dictionary publishers, encyclopedia publishers, telephone companies, directories, and natural language projects.

Google (CA) Semantic Curation Specialist / Linguist (2012-2013) Expert curation and prioritization of categorical data and categorical systems into hierarchies to facilitate organizing data in the Knowledge Graph. Dictionary mapping for the Common Sense group, Machine Intelligence in Research.

Federated Media Publishing (CA) Lexicographer (2011-2012) Lexicographic analysis and development for semantic technologies.

WolframAlpha (IL) Lexicographer (2009-2010) Lexicographic analysis and special projects involving word data and data curation. (CA)  Managing Editor, Chief Lexicographer (2000-2009)  Creation of original content including all of the thesaurus data, new words lexicon, reverse dictionary, crossword solver, style guide, today in history, word origins, and word FAQs. Helped guide choice of public domain and licensed content.

Ask Jeeves (CA) Research and Dictionary Specialist (1999-2000). Developmental work on dictionaries; personal answering of general reference questions via email and online community. (CA) Director of Research (1996, 1998-99). Development of Internet question-answering service; answered all questions posed to system.

Mindmaker/Associative Computing/Textdigger (CA) Head Lexicographer (1997-98). Research and development of lexicon (based on WordNet) for natural language processing and intelligent agent system.

TextWise (NY) Lexicographic Analyst (1995-96). Lexicographic and classification/hierarchy work for information retrieval system; conducted dictionary research.

idealab/Knowledge Adventure (CA) Author/Developer (1993-95). Writing, editing, development of multimedia reference works for software products, including all articles for a children’s encyclopedia. Also did projects for CitySearch, GoTo/Overture, Perfect Market, Smart Games.

General Electric Corporate Research (NY)  Lexicographer, Artificial Intelligence Program (1988-90, 1996-97).  Wrote large, hierarchically arranged lexicon for use with a natural-language processor.

Bellcore/Telcordia (NJ)  Lexicographer, Artificial Intelligence & Information Science Research (1985-88).  Research of dictionaries and other reference works for development of a lexical knowledge base.

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (NY)  Lexicographer, Lexical Systems Group (1984-85). Research of dictionaries for inclusion in lexical knowledge base.

Wang Electronic Publishing (NY) Lexicographer, 1983-84.

Yale University School of Organization and Management (CT) Newsletter Editor, 1982-83.

Laurence Urdang Inc. (CT)  Assistant to the Publisher  (dictionary work); 1982.

University of Houston (TX) Director of Word Processing Center; 1981-82.

City of Valparaiso (IN) Assistant to the Mayor; 1979-81.

Chicago Tribune newspaper (IL) Sports Scoreboard Page Editor; 1979.

Vidette-Messenger newspaper (IN) Sports Editor; 1976-79.

Doctor of Philosophy in Buddhist Studies, Akamai University, 2008

Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies, Greenwich University, 2002

Doctor of Philosophy in Archaeology, Greenwich University, 1998

Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics, University of Exeter, 1989

Master of Philosophy in Linguistics, University of Exeter, 1985

Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, Valparaiso University, 1978


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